5 Crucial Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

First off, let me start by saying that I am currently putting off packing my bag for the twins arrival because I am a creature of habit and I usually wear the same hand full of clothes over and over and I really, really don’t want to be living out of a bag for the next couple of weeks. But when I do finally bite the bullet and pack, here are five things that I will not be forgetting and if you are soon to be packing your hospital bag, please don’t forget these crucial items! They will make what is sure to be an uncomfortable stay, a little more bearable. Also this post contains affiliate links so make sure you check them out!

1. Your Pillow! Have you ever seen a hospital pillow? It’s sad really, it’s so thin and puny. Just trust me, PACK YOUR OWN. Here is my all time favorite pillow and yes it’s a cooling pillow😍

Reversible Memory Foam Cooling Pillow 

2. A Gown. I’m not really a gown person, I prefer shorts and a t shirt but there is a pretty good chance you aren’t going to want anything with a fitted waist band anywhere near your body for a while, especially the day after giving birth. And if you have a c-section, I’m sure you’d rather die than put on pants. Check out this super comfy nursing gown!

Baby Be Mine 3 In 1 Labor/delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown Maternity
3. Entertainment. Whatever it is you do in your spare time, bring it because there is a possibility that you will be laying in a bed awaiting the grand entrance of your little bundle of joy for hours on end. Then again, maybe not but it’s always better to be prepared. I had playing cards and thankfully so. I was in labor for 22 hours, 17 of which I was confined to the bed. Sudoku puzzles and word searches are also great so make sure to grab some here!

Ultimate Mind Games: With Over 400 Puzzles (Puzzle Books)
4. Toilet Paper. Okay, I know what you’re thinking but just hear me out. After giving birth you don’t want anything near the area but that doesn’t change the fact that you will still have to use the bathroom. Hospital toilet paper is like the most thin, roughest toilet paper ever and that’s definitely not what I want right after I push out a whole tiny human. I’m super picky with toilet paper so this is my brand of choice.

Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper, 24 Count

5. Fan. I am a needy sleeper. It has to be cool, dark and I have to have noise. (And I complain about my child being a needy sleeper, she gets it honest🙄) Now, at home I sleep with a big box fan and a ceiling fan. Obviously these things are not sensible, however they do make smaller fans that would be the perfect size for a hospital room and you best believe this go around, I will take one! This fan is our favorite considering how lightweight it is!

Mainstays 20″ Box Fan, Black

These are the things I will definitely be packing on my second go around but I am always interested in know what other mamas can’t live without during child birth.

What are some things you pack in your hospital bag? Make sure to comment because I may be forgetting something important. After all, I’m currently suffering from pregnancy brain… BAD!

Can’t wait to hear from you mamas💕

The twins FINALLY have Names💙

As many of you know, my husband and I are expecting twins! We are approaching the 32 week mark and it seems as if time has flown by. My pregnancy has been filled with a ton of doctors appointments here with my regular OB, a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist, and a Fetal Cardiologist. We have been going to a doctors office at least once a week since October. How annoying right?

Although that’s is what’s best for these boys! They are what’s called Monochorionic-Diamniotic (Mono-Di) which means they have separate sacs but they share one placenta which puts them at high risk for TTTS. Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome is when one twin takes more nutrients than the other and causes uneven growth. Luckily, the boys have been within 1% of each other and have weighed in at almost exactly the same every two weeks! They are growing great and we are hoping to have a normal delivery here with our regular OB (because Dr. Borders is simply the bomb).

Everything with this pregnancy is going great except for the fact that we have struggled to settle on names for these two stinkers. However, I think we can finally say that we have decided! We like unique names and we want all our babies to have special, uncommon names so with that being said….

In approximately 4 (ish) weeks we will welcome MEMPHIS and NASHVILLE Smith!

We haven’t fully decided on middle names because choosing first names has been nothing short of agonizing, (I really don’t know why we struggled so much this time) but at least we will be able to call them by name instead of Baby A and Baby B. Which is simply a relief! A huge weight lifted💙

We are still on the lookout for middle names so comment or email us with your suggestions💙 We would love to hear what you would pair with these two unique names!

Baby Shower Shenanigans

So from the moment we were told that we were having twins I haven’t been able to think about much more than just that. We are having TWO babies at ONE time. We would need doubles of a lot of things and we had just recovered from having our first baby!

Just kidding, but seriously, how are we going to afford TWO at one time? I just hoped and prayed that everything we needed would just fall out of the sky. HaHa!

Well it definitely didn’t just fall into our laps but we have been extremely blessed with amazing family and friends who recently showered our little family with tons of gifts for the boys! We are so grateful for all the things we received and we absolutely cannot wait to use everything when the boys arrive.

Clothes, Bath supplies, changing pads, blankets, car mirrors, boppies, tons of diapers and wipes, and MUCH more! We could never thank everyone enough. I understand that it’s flu season and there are so many things that are pulling people in a thousand different directions but I wanted to say a very special thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to spend a little time with us.

Here are a few pictures of the shower and some of the great things we got!

My Favorite Winter Recipe

Have you ever been cooped up in your house when it’s super cold outside and you find yourself wishing you had a warm home cooked meal?

Well look no further. Today I’m going to share my favorite winter recipe for y’all to enjoy.

The best part about it is, it’s super simple to make because it’s a crockpot meal which means it’s basically hands free!

What you’ll need:

1 pack of cubed steaks

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 packet of dry onion soup mix

Salt and Pepper

First, I lay my cubed steaks out and salt and pepper each side. Then I layer them in the bottom of my crockpot. Once that’s done, I mix my cream of chicken, cream of mushroom and 1/2 soup can of water in a bowl and pour the mixture over my cubed steaks. To top it off, I sprinkle my dry onion soup mix over the top and turn my crockpot to low.

I recommend returning to stir every 1-2 hours but that is not absolutely necessary.

Cook on low for 6-7 hours and then you are ready to serve! I usually make rice and green beans to serve with mine and it always seems to be a great combination but feel free to try it with mashed potatoes as that is a wonderful side to the recipe as well.

Be sure to try this recipe out soon and let me know how it goes!

Happy cooking!

Maternity Photo Shoot

When you are pregnant, one of the things you look forward to the most is getting all dolled up and spending a day being photographed like a princess. I start planning my maternity pictures almost as soon as the home pregnancy test reads positive.

When Michael and I found out we were having twins, we were immediately scheduled with a specialist and given all these things to read up on about how this pregnancy would be different from our first go ’round. As I was reading all these differences, the main one I seemed to focus on was that twins are more likely to be born premature.

Of course I was worried for their health but another thing I worried about was them choosing to make their arrival before I had maternity pictures taken. I told myself that if they decided to come early that I would put on some clothes and have a photoshoot right there in the hospital. Now, obviously that would be the last thing on my mind but that’s how important pictures are to me.

You see, Michael and I had already discussed this being our last child BEFORE we found out we were having TWO for the price of one (not really, your cost does in fact go up). However, when we had our ultrasound and saw two little heads, there was no question… this was it for us. So it is important that we have pictures to capture these memories because unless something drastically changes, I won’t get to feel the flutters of life from inside again.

As we will soon be the mommy and daddy to THREE babies under the age of 15 months and I am a stay at home mom, We are always looking for ways to cut spending and save as much money as possible. Hiring a photographer can get expensive so we decided to take the photos ourselves. Well, with the help of my wonderful mother. Michael loves technology and spends hours researching different options when it comes to phones. His most recent upgrade was to a Google Pixel 2 XL and one of the main reasons he chose this particular phone was the camera reviews.

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Anyways, I had been hoping and praying for snow and it finally came! We recently got about five or six inches of good snow and you best believe that I made Michael (and Reagan) get dressed up and we went out in the snow to get these maternity pictures.

I definitely have to give my wonderful husband the credit because not only did he take some of these while holding a 27 pound little girl but it was all of about 10 degrees and continuing to snow. He then proceeded to spend his free time editing them to look flawless. I don’t think they could have turned out any better than they did.

By using his phone, our back yard and my amazing mama, we saved a ton of money and still got great pictures! I am currently trying to get my husband to start a side hustle doing photography because I think he’s the bomb!

It’s very possible that I may do another session before the boys arrive and I would love to see some of your maternity photos so if you have any, be sure to share them with me.

Prodromal Labor and How I Cope

Prodromal labor is another word for pre-labor and consists of some early signs that labor might be near. It begins much like traditional labor but doesn’t result in birth.

Prodromal labor sucks. Plain and simple. It’s contractions, REAL contractions that don’t even do their job right! Like seriously? Braxton Hicks are one thing but now we have to suffer through real contractions all for nothing.

That’s right, you heard it. Some women don’t have any trouble at all but if you are like me, I had this pesky little pre-labor with my daughter and now I get to enjoy it with the twins.

When I was pregnant with Reagan, I had a small episode of preterm labor at about 24 weeks that we were fortunate enough to get stopped, Thank GOD! I was dilated to a one from this point on. At about 35-36 weeks I started having prodromal labor. It came and went every single day and I was exhausted (or so I thought). However, at this time I was simply a stay at home wife with no other children and only about 900 square feet of house to clean so I was able to rest and sleep through most of the annoying pre-labor symptoms.

Now that we are in round two… I have a one year old who has recently mastered walking (speed walking to be exact) and i’m pregnant with twins. At 29 weeks, with both boys measuring a week ahead, I am as big and uncomfortable as I was the day my water broke with my daughter (39 weeks).

For the past few days, I have started to experience the same issues. Consistent contractions, cramps, back pain and irritability. These things simply do not mix with a one year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night and usually refuses to nap during the day. So how do I cope with these annoying symptoms? Well here’s a few things I try to do since relaxing and resting are off the table with Reagan on the loose:

  1. I drink a ton of water. Water is good for everything right?
  2. I try to distract myself with light house work.
  3. I focus on playing with my little girl. After all, our time alone together is quickly approaching it’s expiration date.
  4. If my situation allows, I take a hot shower to relax my muscles and help with the back pain.
  5. Then, if I just can’t seem to shake it, I will ask my wonderful mom for help. I wouldn’t know what to do without her, she is a lifesaver!

It’s so very important to me to try and keep my complaining to a minimum because there are mothers who don’t have a chance to to make it this far and experience these late pregnancy symptoms. No matter how hard and annoying it is to go day to day with these annoying inconveniences, I would much rather have to go through each of them than have to watch my babies struggle and fight because they came too early. But hey, it wouldn’t be pregnancy if I didn’t complain a little.

Hopefully these few things can help you guys to cope and as always this is not medical advice and if you experience things you aren’t comfortable handling on your own, it is always a good idea to be checked out just in case. My motto for any pregnancy is I’d rather be safe than sorry. Just remember when experiencing these things, you are not alone. There is at least one other mama right here suffering beside you.

Do you guys have any other ways of coping with pregnancy pains? I’d love to hear them so make sure you comment and share cause we are all in this together.

Love and prayers for each of you and your sweet babes today!

3 Goals for a Better 2018

This will be my year💕

Most everyone starts each year with new resolutions. Eat better, lose weight, stop cussing, be happy, etc. These are all great things to focus on and everyone has their own reasons behind each resolution. However, this year I decided to set goals for my 2018! Goals that I foresee being ones that I can truly remain focused on throughout the entire year!

My first and most important goal is one everyone struggles with at some point and time seeing as how we live in a material minded word. For 2018, my goal is to be much more frugal! I have never been one to pointlessly spend, spend, spend until the last year or so. I definitely have room for improvement here. I plan to see this goal through by creating a budget for our little family and actually stick to it! (Follow through is something I lack, it’s a huge downfall of mine) Along with this goal, I also hope to have eliminated a chunk of our debt by the end of this new year!

As if goal number one wasn’t going to be difficult enough on its own, I have chosen to tackle my lack of creativity. I have a Cricut Expression just sitting in my closet wasting away so I decided it was time to pull it out and become that crafty mama everyone is jealous of! I am hoping to work here and there on little crafts for my family and home and then who knows, business idea for down the road?! You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Last but not least, I plan to take on a more active lifestyle in 2018. Now don’t go thinking I’m going to be super skinny and running marathons by the end of the year. No, no. I am simply hoping for more walking and drinking more water. Although I am super proud of those who do, cutting out soda is not for me. Did you not realize I will have THREE babies under FIFTEEN MONTHS? So no I will not be cutting soda out but I will be drinking less and replacing as much as my sanity will allow with water. Also, I truly enjoy walking especially outside and my goal is to walk at least 4-5 days each week, however it is currently 25 degrees and this pregnant mama (and my one year old) don’t need another sickness invading our home so this one may have a delayed start but I promise it will start!

Excited for these new goals is simply an understatement. I honestly can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see what an impact these three simple goals have had on my life.

I’ve never been so excited to continually work towards New Years resolutions and I can already tell that 2018 is going to be a year to remember.

What are some of your New Years resolutions/goals? I always enjoy hearing others and it’s a great way for us to keep each other on track and accountable! Let’s hear yours!