Maternity Photo Shoot

When you are pregnant, one of the things you look forward to the most is getting all dolled up and spending a day being photographed like a princess. I start planning my maternity pictures almost as soon as the home pregnancy test reads positive.

When Michael and I found out we were having twins, we were immediately scheduled with a specialist and given all these things to read up on about how this pregnancy would be different from our first go ’round. As I was reading all these differences, the main one I seemed to focus on was that twins are more likely to be born premature.

Of course I was worried for their health but another thing I worried about was them choosing to make their arrival before I had maternity pictures taken. I told myself that if they decided to come early that I would put on some clothes and have a photoshoot right there in the hospital. Now, obviously that would be the last thing on my mind but that’s how important pictures are to me.

You see, Michael and I had already discussed this being our last child BEFORE we found out we were having TWO for the price of one (not really, your cost does in fact go up). However, when we had our ultrasound and saw two little heads, there was no question… this was it for us. So it is important that we have pictures to capture these memories because unless something drastically changes, I won’t get to feel the flutters of life from inside again.

As we will soon be the mommy and daddy to THREE babies under the age of 15 months and I am a stay at home mom, We are always looking for ways to cut spending and save as much money as possible. Hiring a photographer can get expensive so we decided to take the photos ourselves. Well, with the help of my wonderful mother. Michael loves technology and spends hours researching different options when it comes to phones. His most recent upgrade was to a Google Pixel 2 XL and one of the main reasons he chose this particular phone was the camera reviews.

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Anyways, I had been hoping and praying for snow and it finally came! We recently got about five or six inches of good snow and you best believe that I made Michael (and Reagan) get dressed up and we went out in the snow to get these maternity pictures.

I definitely have to give my wonderful husband the credit because not only did he take some of these while holding a 27 pound little girl but it was all of about 10 degrees and continuing to snow. He then proceeded to spend his free time editing them to look flawless. I don’t think they could have turned out any better than they did.

By using his phone, our back yard and my amazing mama, we saved a ton of money and still got great pictures! I am currently trying to get my husband to start a side hustle doing photography because I think he’s the bomb!

It’s very possible that I may do another session before the boys arrive and I would love to see some of your maternity photos so if you have any, be sure to share them with me.

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