Prodromal Labor and How I Cope

Prodromal labor is another word for pre-labor and consists of some early signs that labor might be near. It begins much like traditional labor but doesn’t result in birth.

Prodromal labor sucks. Plain and simple. It’s contractions, REAL contractions that don’t even do their job right! Like seriously? Braxton Hicks are one thing but now we have to suffer through real contractions all for nothing.

That’s right, you heard it. Some women don’t have any trouble at all but if you are like me, I had this pesky little pre-labor with my daughter and now I get to enjoy it with the twins.

When I was pregnant with Reagan, I had a small episode of preterm labor at about 24 weeks that we were fortunate enough to get stopped, Thank GOD! I was dilated to a one from this point on. At about 35-36 weeks I started having prodromal labor. It came and went every single day and I was exhausted (or so I thought). However, at this time I was simply a stay at home wife with no other children and only about 900 square feet of house to clean so I was able to rest and sleep through most of the annoying pre-labor symptoms.

Now that we are in round two… I have a one year old who has recently mastered walking (speed walking to be exact) and i’m pregnant with twins. At 29 weeks, with both boys measuring a week ahead, I am as big and uncomfortable as I was the day my water broke with my daughter (39 weeks).

For the past few days, I have started to experience the same issues. Consistent contractions, cramps, back pain and irritability. These things simply do not mix with a one year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night and usually refuses to nap during the day. So how do I cope with these annoying symptoms? Well here’s a few things I try to do since relaxing and resting are off the table with Reagan on the loose:

  1. I drink a ton of water. Water is good for everything right?
  2. I try to distract myself with light house work.
  3. I focus on playing with my little girl. After all, our time alone together is quickly approaching it’s expiration date.
  4. If my situation allows, I take a hot shower to relax my muscles and help with the back pain.
  5. Then, if I just can’t seem to shake it, I will ask my wonderful mom for help. I wouldn’t know what to do without her, she is a lifesaver!

It’s so very important to me to try and keep my complaining to a minimum because there are mothers who don’t have a chance to to make it this far and experience these late pregnancy symptoms. No matter how hard and annoying it is to go day to day with these annoying inconveniences, I would much rather have to go through each of them than have to watch my babies struggle and fight because they came too early. But hey, it wouldn’t be pregnancy if I didn’t complain a little.

Hopefully these few things can help you guys to cope and as always this is not medical advice and if you experience things you aren’t comfortable handling on your own, it is always a good idea to be checked out just in case. My motto for any pregnancy is I’d rather be safe than sorry. Just remember when experiencing these things, you are not alone. There is at least one other mama right here suffering beside you.

Do you guys have any other ways of coping with pregnancy pains? I’d love to hear them so make sure you comment and share cause we are all in this together.

Love and prayers for each of you and your sweet babes today!

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