52 Weeks of Gratitude: Spouse

Spouse. Best Friend. Baby Daddy. Soulmate.

There are a thousand words to describe my love but most of you know him as Michael.

Michael and I have known each other practically our entire lives. We attended the same church where we became best friends. Michael was always so shy. He’s played bass at church since before he was a teenager and that’s all he did, until we broke him that is. A few of us would go out for ice cream but he never would go. Well, until he wasn’t given a choice. He had to socialize with us and not stay all cooped up to himself. (Your welcome honey)

Anyways, Michael is my rock, my provider, and my best friend. As I think about all the reasons I’m grateful for him, I can’t help but be overwhelmed. I never want to go a single day without showing him just how grateful I am that he loves me! 

Have you told your better half just how grateful you are for them lately?

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