New Thoughts for a New Year

As everyone knows, I’m going into this new year as a brand new mom. And since becoming a new mom I have had a little trouble adjusting. You think you’ve gone without sleep before but you are oh so wrong. You don’t know exhausted until you’ve spent so many nights awake that you can’t remember what day it is. Not to mention that on top of your exhaustion, there is a tiny human who requires your absolute, undivided attention and sometime despite your BEST efforts… they still cry. Maybe they just like to test your patience, who knows! 

Having said all that, I am making it my goal this year to slow down. Take some time to enjoy my baby and all the adventures of being a brand new mom. I want to make sure I am striving to be a better me. This year that goal isn’t for me, it’s for Reagan because she needs me to be the best me that I can be. So I’m going to put more effort into reading my bible everyday, being more positive, and enjoying the little things. 

Also I’m going to spoil my little princess so if you need me, I’ll be snuggled up to my baby, watching tv and snoozing❤️

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