Reagan Harper Smith

So as you all know very well, I did not enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy or any of it really but I spent the last weeks trying everything I could to get my baby here! 

Well Michael and I made it to our anniversary (December 14) and we had said the whole time that she would come that day and she did. Well almost. We got admitted to the hospital because my water had broken. 

We had been to the skate park for michael to skate a while, then we headed to lunch and to my moms before heading to the doctor. I had been saying all day that I thought my water was breaking and no one believed me and when we got to the doctor for our scheduled appointment she didn’t even check me. She sent us straight to the hospital. 

However, I wasn’t technically in active labor because I wasn’t having contractions or anything so she said we could go home to pack the rest of our things. 

We came home, packed up what was left and headed that way! We were admitted at 4:30 and the started me on pitocin because I still wasn’t having contractions. I was on the pitocin for a while and then had my epidural and continued laboring through the night. 

When shift changed at 7 the next morning, the Doctor came in at 7:30 and checked me. He broke what he called “a second bag of water” and bam. Things finally started to progress. I went from a 5 to a 10 in about an hour and a half and then not even 20 minutes later I was holding the most beautiful, 7lb 6oz baby girl in my arms. 

I thought I had died and gone to heaven because that little girl was so perfect. 

The next couple of hours and days all run together now so don’t ask me much about those but none of that matters because she is finally here! 

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