Officially An Adult

So technically I’ve been an adult for a few years now. Legally, I’ve been an ‘adult’ for 4 years. I’ve been living on my own for the majority of those 4 years and worked a full time job the entire time. I’m also married, and having a baby (hopefully this week). 

But today I realized I am officially an adult. Michael works a rotating 4 days on, 4 days off shift and has to be up for work at 4:30am so natuarally (most days) I get up with him and see him off. 

Today however, is one of Michael’s days off. But my body doesn’t care. Well it is slightly considerate. It let me sleep in! All the way to 5:30am! Woohoo! I got to sleep in a whole hour! 

I woke up and all I could think about was all the cleaning and stuff that needed to be done today so I decided to just get up. There was no hope for going back to sleep. So I’m making a list of things to do for the day… 

Poor Michael, he never TRULY gets a day off. 

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