8 Days To Go! 

As I said yesterday, Michael and I are counting down the days to D-Day (due date that is). Each day we are doing something that we can look forward to so that we can keep our minds off of the dragging time! 

Day 8 was ‘Late Night Grocery Shopping’ day! Yes laugh all you want but we actually enjoy grocery shopping together. It’s always fun with Michael. He always knows how to make me laugh. We went to Family Dollar first to get our non grocery things because I had coupons of course! Then we proceeded toWalmart which, who doesn’t love Walmart? Yeah right. But Grocery shopping is actually fun for me because I have this awesome couponing app called Ibotta. You guys have got to check this app out! You simply go to the app, selects the grocery store you shop at and view the rebates they offer. The rebates change from time to time but it’s actual products that we all use on a daily basis such as milk, bread, cereal, household items… the list goes on and on! You simply scan the bar code on the product and then scan your receipt and your account gets credited. You then can redeem your cash back on gift cards… of your choice! Who wouldn’t love that? 

Soooo, you have to at least check out the app! It’s totally free right in your App Store! If you wanna start saving today, download the app and check it out! Don’t forget to tell the app that I referred you by giving my referral code which is: kbbfrgy 

So day 8 was a success! Tomorrow we finally hit 39 weeks and that is just exciting! 

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