Where Do You Need To Be?

“Sometimes we have to experience things we don’t understand just so God can bring us to the place where HE needs us to be. Never doubt the season He has you in.” -RehabTime


When you’re a kid, people don’t tell you that growing up is full of heartache and trouble. No, they tell you that “It’ll get better” so naturally we all can’t wait to grow up and finally get to the place where “it’ll get better”… And one day we get there. Suddenly you find yourself at 21 years old, dating the guy you have been in love with for years, working a job you absolutely adore, planning to go to school, all the things you have dreamed of! Things continue to fall right into place for you… that man you love asks you to spend the rest of your life with him, you stay home from school to plan the perfect wedding, get married, and just as life can’t seem to get any better… you find out that after 5 years of doctors telling you that you won’t be able to have children, you surprise your soon to be husband with the AMAZING news. For months you (and your soon to be hubby) have been praying and begging God to somehow give you two a precious baby and now you truly have everything, literally EVERYTHING you could ever need and/or want.

Well you have finally arrived at the “it’ll get better” stage in life. OR so you think.

Then one day, your world gets turned upside down. You are in what seems to be World War III because no matter where you turn, the devil is throwing these ginormous flaming darts directly at you, your family and every single aspect of your life. People start coming out of the woodwork to put your life under the microscope.

People are tearing you apart and sitting back to enjoy the show. Why in the world would anyone treat you like this? Especially people who always swore that there was nothing in this world that could make them turn from you.

Here’s the thing, those people who promised you that it would get better, they were doing the best they could. They thought that they were helping and they never meant to mislead you. What they should have told you was that life is hard. Things don’t always go your way and sometimes we get knocked down but it won’t always be this way. There will be mountains and there will be valleys. You will make mistakes, you will make choices that people (because they are human) cannot forgive you for, and that’s okay. It will hurt to lose best friends, those close enough to be considered family and those who have been by your side throughout your entire life. Some people will believe the lies that have been spread about you and some people just choose to believe the worst in people so they don’t even question the situation. It hurts, more than you can imagine or so you think. You cry yourself to sleep as you wonder why your mistake wasn’t forgiven and you were punished way beyond reasonable measure. So many questions race through your mind, so many tears and so much hurt. More than you thought possible.

Then one day you wake up and it hurts a little less, and so on it goes. You find yourself laughing again and before you know it, you’re happy again. In fact, you are happier than you were before the devil used your entire life against you. You finally realize that the mistake you thought you made is actually the best thing that has ever happened to you. You spend each day utterly ecstatic about the arrival of your baby girl. This is when you realize that God always has a purpose for the paths He leads you down. He also wouldn’t leave you, especially not in the midst of a storm.

Then just when you are within reaching distance of meeting your precious miracle, the devil tries everything in his power to tear you back down in the form of those friends you once deeply loved. So my advice to you, don’t let the devil ruin the blessing God has for you and please please please don’t live in defeat, in the shadows of those trying to break you. God made you stronger than all that. Plus, why would you choose to let the irrelevant opinions of confused, misguided people ruin the best day of your life?

Don’t. Simply choose to pray for them daily and live your life! With no regrets because sometimes we have to experience things we don’t understand just so God can bring us to the place where HE needs us to be. Never doubt the season He has you in.

Before you know it, You are better than you were before. And who doesn’t want to be better?

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