Eminent Death

I am so deeply sorry that it has been a million years since my last post! This is due simply to the fact that I am most certainly dying. Okay, I guess that’s a little bit of an exaggeration however, I am very sick.

They say that any sickness is always worse when you are pregnant and that is in fact the case because this nasty little cold I am currently battling should be long gone by now but I’m still hanging on to it. And for any of those who are curious, yes I am STILL pregnant. 

I have decided though to try my best not to constantly think about it and live my life as if I still have forever to go. I mean, I have waited 38 and a half weeks so 10 days is nothing. For tomorrow I’m hoping to plan lots of fun things for my wonderful husband and I to do to keep our minds off of just how bad we want our precious little girl to get here! 

But because I’m sick and simply because I can… I am going to bed. Yes, bed. At 8:50! Hopefully I’ll get some rest tonight because for once I can breathe! 

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