Waiting on Reagan

Dear whoever will listen to me whine,

So they say the last few weeks of pregnancy last forever… all I have to say is AMEN! 

I’m 37 weeks as of today and I have been at a 1 for 6 weeks now. On and off contractions, back pain galore and no sleep. What a great fashion statement that is considering I work in fashion/retail and it is my job to “look cute” on a daily basis. 

They tell you things to expect when you’re pregnant and I’m thankful for my What To Expect When Expecting book but it’s been telling me since day one that my feet will swell and throughout my whole pregnancy I had no swelling whatsoever then BAM… took my shoes off at the bank one day (while I was waiting) and 20 minutes later I found myself not being able to stuff what used to be my feet back into my cute little flats. Or here’s my favorite, “get all the sleep you can because you won’t get any when the baby arrives”… what do I have to say about this? BULL! I haven’t slept in daysssss. And my husband wonders why I’m ill all the time. 

Apart from this same pity party I throw myself everyday, I’m terrific and I can’t wait to see my little girl! No seriously, I cannot wait. Considering threatening my doctor when I see her tomorrow… just kidding. But how do you think she’ll feel about a bribe? 


A pregnant lady having one of those days.

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